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Feb 9, 2014
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    1. presidence99
      The debate thing is fine not really its brain poison but I can see why people watch it when you have interesting things to yell about.. these are two teams that aren't very good but get a disproportionate amount of attention because of the market size. Hence you need to manufacture something.

      They'll be nice wild card speedbumps for anyone but ronshington- and ill still take the skins over the bears.
    2. presidence99
      Bears rams is like watching the same characters fight in mortal kombat- one has a slightly different shade of blue but the moves and animations are all the same.
      1. Black&Black likes this.
    3. presidence99
      Don't want to blame it all on injuries but having cmc back there getting those marginal extra yards here and there probably wins us these last 2 games.
    4. presidence99
      I feel for Wentz he's got no receivers and no protection if you add in an oc with an uncontrolled brain hemorrhage and he's living the cam newton experience.

      A little exaggerated.
    5. presidence99
      They might go back to 3 divisions after adding some new expansion teams (going to be difficult since they caught the whale that is the LA market) if the super bowl gets pushed back this year that's just setting precedent for later SB and expanded playoffs. The NFL is going to look very different whenever the next batch of TV contracts hits.
    6. presidence99
      with 3 wild card teams it's pretty unlikely you'll see 4 winning records shut out, but the division winners shouldn't get home field- seeding should be purely off records that also makes the 2nd seed losing their bye a bit more palatable as they'll be taking on the actual worst team to get in.
    7. presidence99
      That opening scene for With a Vengeance wrote itself.
    8. presidence99
      Mike McCarthy the surprise 3rd head coach to go? This is Garrett's cowboys with less clapping.
    9. presidence99
      Bruce willis half assed that battery commercial and its still more effort than he put into multiple feature length die hard films.
    10. presidence99
      I'd still like to improve the line but a real threat at te and some undrafted white slot wr and this offense would be fucking flying.
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    Some motherfuckers always trying to ice skate uphill.
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