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Top 50 worst ACC moments

Discussion in 'SportsTalk' started by slydevl, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. slydevl

    slydevl Asshole for the People!

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    Feb 6, 2002
    1. Florida State football players get free shoes and gear in 1993 at a Foot Locker store in Tallahassee.
    2. Virginia goes on two years' probation in 1993 after the discovery of a slush fund that provides interest-free loans to athletes.
    3. Maryland point guard Duane Simpkins racks up $8,000 in parking tickets during the early'90s.
    4. South Carolina guard Bobby Cremins drives into the living room of a Columbia home in 1968 while shepherding a recruit around town.
    5. Georgia Tech football coach George O'Leary in 2000 orders four players to run into lineman Dustin Vaitekunas, who's laid out on the ground for 10 minutes and later quits the team.
    6. Wake Forest baseball star Billy Scripture is cited in 1962 for chopping down trees on campus while working on his swing.
    7. Clemson football coaches Charley Pell and Danny Ford break so many rules during the late'70s and early'80s, the ACC socks the school with stiffer penalties than the NCAA.
    8. Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski is surreptitiously tape-recorded in 1990 while laying a profanity-laced tirade on reporters from the student newspaper.
    9. N.C. State basketball rogue Chris Washburn is arrested in 1985 for stealing stereo equipment from another athlete.
    10. North Carolina hoopster J.R. Reid flunks a bed-check and is sent home before a 1989 NCAA game against UCLA.
    11. The league reprimands Clemson basketball coach Larry Shyatt and U.Va. as sistant Walt Fuller and suspends State freshman Julius Hodge for a game for unsportsmanlike-conduct incidents last season.
    12. Five U.Va. basketball players are arrested in Charlotte for scalping tickets to the 1969 ACC tournament.
    13. Basketball coaches Dean Smith of UNC and Rick Barnes of Clemson have a stirring dustup during a 1995 tournament game.
    14. Duke students shower State's Lorenzo Charles with pizza boxes shortly after his 1982 arrest for stealing a couple of pies from a Domino's delivery man.
    15. Georgia Tech's Lee Goza spits in U.Va. star Ralph Sampson's face during a 1981 basketball game in Atlanta.
    16. UNC's Makhtar Ndiaye falsely accuses Utah's Britten Johnson of tagging him with spit and racial slurs at the 1998 Final Four.
    17. FSU football players Peter Warrick and Laveranues Coles are collared in 1999 for receiving illicit discounts at Dillard's department store in Tallahassee.
    18. U.Va. football players Barry Word, Howard Petty and Kenny Stadlin are convicted in 1985 of drug-trafficking.
    19. South Carolina enforcer John Ribock belts Maryland basketball coach Lefty Driesell during a 1971 brawl. (Gamecocks coach Frank McGuire, after presumably viewing the tape, suggests Driesell hit himself.)
    20. Assistant coach Eddie Biedenbach lands N.C. State on probation by playing in a 1970 pickup game with David Thompson, then a high school student.
    21. Maryland football coach Bobby Ross chases the officials to their dressing room after a 1986 loss at UNC.
    22. Duke scrub Matt Christiansen is reprimanded by the NCAA for attempting to accost an official after last March's regional loss to Indiana.
    23. UNC football coach John Bunting ridicules kicker Blake Ferguson ("I think he's afraid") for leaving the team last summer so he can transfer to a school closer to his Oklahoma home.
    24. U.Va. football coach Sonny Randle confesses in 1975 to his 1-10 squad that he's having an extra-marital affair.
    25. N.C. State and UNC basketball players are implicated in the 1960s point-shaving scandals.
    26. FSU Athletic Director Bob Goin is sacked in 1994 for having work done on his roof by contractors hired to remodel the school's football stadium.
    27. Clemson's William Perry croons, "We work hard for the money . . . " to UNC fans waving dollar bills at him as he nears the fieldhouse following the Tigers' 1983 win in Chapel Hill.
    28. Cremins, as Georgia Tech's coach, resigns in 1993 to take the job at alma mater South Carolina but reneges a couple of days later and returns to Tech.
    29. Duke's Art Heyman and UNC's Larry Brown trade punches during a 1961 melee at Indoor Stadium.
    30. Irate over a call, Wake coach Jack McCloskey kicks a hole in the scorer's table at an early-'70s tournament in Greensboro.
    31. Driesell is reprimanded by Maryland's president for attempting to browbeat a coed who accused basketball player Herman Veal of sexual assault.
    32. State mid-'80s basketball player Tiny Pinder is arrested for shoplifting women's underwear.
    33. Dean Smith pounds the scoreboard box at Duke in 1984, no technical foul is whistled and Krzyzewski accuses the league of having a "double standard" that benefits UNC's coach.
    34. South Carolina's McGuire is restrained from climbing into the stands at Charlotte when taunted by fans after a double-overtime loss to State in the 1970 tournament final.
    35. UNC, long the league's flagship basketball program, begins last season with home losses to Hampton and Davidson en route to its worst record in school history.
    36. Duke football coach Steve Spurrier rubs in a 41-0 win over UNC in 1989 by ordering a double-reverse flanker pass on his team's final possession.
    37. U.Va. problem-child basketball player Olden Polynice is bounced from school after swiping a $9 pair of headphones from a Barracks Road store.
    38. State beats Duke 12-10 in a stall-ball 1968 tournament semifinal during which broadcaster Bill Curry observes, "Folks, this is as exciting as artificial insemination."
    39. McGuire, in his initial ACC tour as UNC's coach, allows his New York street connection, Harry Gotkin, to carry the trophy off the court when the Tar Heels win the 1958 Dixie Classic.
    40. O'Leary is found to have been operating with bogus resume entries last December when he switches from Georgia Tech to Notre Dame.
    41. Rick Smith, hired as defensive coordinator for the staff that replaces O'Leary's, is jettisoned when it's discovered he falsified his biography.
    42. As Driesell's successor in the aftermath of Len Bias' cocaine-induced death, Maryland hires high school coach Bob Wade, who lasts three years and leaves the Terps with that many seasons worth of NCAA probation.
    43. U.Va. assistant coach Jim Larranaga is tagged with a technical foul that boosts N.C. State toward an upset win in the 1983 tournament final.
    44. Duke walk-on kicker Heather Sue Mercer wins a sex-discrimination lawsuit against the school after football coach Fred Goldsmith cuts her from the 1996 team.
    45. Early-'70s State basketball star Tommy Burleson is flagged for breaking into a campus pinball machine.
    46. U.Va. 1983 recruit - and eventual signee - Tom Sheehey is bitten on the hand while consoling his pet dog, injured when the taxi carrying him and assistant coach Dave Odom backs over the animal.
    47. U.Va. recruit - and eventual inmate - Melvin Whitaker slashes the face of a Cavs football player in a 1998 pickup-game incident.
    48. Clemson basketball coach and serial rules-breaker Tates Locke lands the Tigers on probation in 1975.
    49. UNC basketball star Charlie Scott charges racism cost him the 1969 player-of-the-year vote won by South Carolina's John Roche.
    50. Maryland fans riot in College Park following each of their team's two wins at the 2002 Final Four.
  2. Thanks Sly! I remember more of those than I thought (or wanted to...)...

    Could we add:
    1. The behavior of Maryland fans after Duke came back from sure defeat, at Cole...
    2. NC State's "amphibious" player...the originial Shack...
    3. Duke's team photo under the scoreboard at Kenan, after the 41-0 debacle at the Hole...
    4. The Clemson player getting smacked around by Woody Hayes...
    5. Matt Doherty's insults directed towards the Duke cheerleaders...
    6. Phil Ford's DWIs...
    7. Carowhina players sleeping with Phil's wife...
  3. UncFever

    UncFever Guest

    Only one that comes to mind real quick is dooks football team, oh wait....they haven't had one for awhile now :)
  4. Shocker

    Shocker Guest

    1) Duke destroyed by UNC in football 2001
    2) Duke destroyed by UNC in football 2000
    3) Duke destroyed by UNC in football 1999
    4) Duke destroyed by UNC in football 1998
    5) Duke destroyed by UNC in football 1997

    need I continue....


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