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Second tier QBs

Discussion in 'College Football Forum' started by Cyberjag, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. Cyberjag

    Cyberjag RAMFB

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    Mar 19, 2006
    Concord, NC
    Since the Panthers are set on winning games this year and the New York teams aren't showing up, it's really not likely that we win the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. Patrick Fields is probably out too. But its a deep class, so I figured I would start looking at the next level.

    Trey Lance cost himself some money yesterday. I know it was his first and only game this year, and there was bound to be some rust, but he went 15-30, fumbled and threw an interception. I read that he looks bigger, and is maybe Dak Prescott 2.0, so he's still in the first round. I just don't know how high, and all I saw were highlights.

    Brock Purdy reminds me a lot of a young Drew Brees. I watched him pick apart Oklahoma last night, and he just has that same "it" factor where he finds the open guy and makes the right throw even under pressure. He didn't run a lot, but he sure looks like Brees in the pocket. It wouldn't surprise me at ALL to see Payton/Loomis draft him because his game would let him be effective from day one.

    Trask is making a name for himself this season because the world wants another Burrow story and Costello ain't it. He throws a really pretty ball and has excellent accuracy, but what I was able to watch yesterday didn't really sell me. (For some reason, the local CBS affiliate played a 13 year old Fla/USC matchup and I had to go out to see it properly). He looks great in the highlight reel, but there isn't this sense of the inevitable score when he has to have it like there is with the others ahead of him. We'll have to see how he works out.
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  2. Black&Black

    Black&Black Soul Proprietor

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    Feb 9, 2014
    Great post.

    Yeah, Trevor is the only guy I'd tank for, but like you, I've resigned myself to the fact that we can't outsuck the Jets or Giants. I'm cheering for the team to "build momentum" for 2021, hoping some defensive cornerstones emerge in the process. The other QBs are just younger, cheaper Bridgewaters.

    I don't think playoffs are realistic, but it's 2020, so who knows. Tampa is always a covid test away from Blaine Gabbert.

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