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I need a good steak marinade

Discussion in 'Food & Drink Forum' started by canesin4, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Coach Micool

    Coach Micool Let's Go Brandon!

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    Jan 13, 2003
    Sometimes here, sometimes there

    We have about 80 mamas, two bulls and who knows how many calves at one time (my sons know, I don't keep up with it). We have about half a dozen delineated pastures which cover roughly 80 acres.

    No, we do not sell meat. We have a couple young steers slaughtered for the families freezers every so often as needed.

    We sell the young steers at the livestock auction sales about once every quarter or so, depending on how many and large/old they are at the time. Primarily the one in Liberty, NC.

    We keep the young females to become future mamas to replace aging mamas, which are sold every now and then as applicable.

    We have to replace the bulls every so often- (3-5 years), and separate the young females to areas to keep them from their daddy bull so there is no inbreeding. We have friends who have ranches as we, who also raise prime Angus, who we trade bulls with.

    We fatten our own meat with a lot of good feed loaded with corn and brown sugar.

    There is really no money of significance in it if you feed your stock well with good feed. You simply just can't raise good cows on hay and grass. Good feed is not cheap.

    Really, the herd pays for for itself and the meat we eat (five families of at least three per), with a little extra to make it worth the time and effort and pay the taxes on the land.

    You do have to feed them most every day and look after them. You simply can't just put a few out in the pasture and forget about them. It is a job.
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  2. Big Red

    Big Red Alpha, Thing, It

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    May 15, 2013
    He must've went with usual swallowing of uncle Hanz' tube steak.
  3. Southern_Yankee

    Southern_Yankee Full Access Member

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    Oct 24, 2003

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