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#34 Pick - RB Clinton Portis

Discussion in 'Carolina Panthers' started by Y2Buddy, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. Y2Buddy

    Y2Buddy Guest


    Here's a link to the full profile, but below is pretty cool. This guy could be the stud we need. I'm not sure if he'll be there, but he would be my pick. Sorry if I missed on thread on him before. I guess Miami is having their own combine and we'll know more then.

    "Portis's 1,200 yards rushing is the third-highest single-season rushing yardage total in Miami history behind Edgerrin James' 1,416 yards in 1998 and Ottis Anderson's 1,266 in 1978…is on pace to become Miami's all-time rushing yardage leader after compiling 2,523 yards through three seasons…currently ranks fourth on the Miami career rushing yards list and will enter the 2002 campaign needing 809 yards to surpass Ottis Anderson (3,331 from 1975-78) at the top of the list…tied the Miami career record for 100-yard rushing performances with a total of 14, matching the total accumulated by Edgerrin James (1996-98)…ended the 2001 regular season ranking 10th in career all-purpose yardage with 2,795 yards (2,523 rushing, 272 receiving, 0 return yards)…has 23 total touchdowns in his Miami career, ranking tied for 9th with Lamar Thomas (1989-92)."
  2. Piper

    Piper Guest

    He's interesting. Small, Warrick Dunn type back. A slasher.

    Interesting more that you'd like him, but I digress. ;)

    Most major colleges have their own Pro days. I don't think any of the top Miami players actualy worked out at the combine. Miami is a fast track, and Indy is notoriously slow.
  3. Peachfuzz

    Peachfuzz Guest

    Clinton Portis is totally different from Warrick Dunn...

    Clinton Portis: Height 5'11", weight 192, 40 time: 4.52

    Warrick Dunn: Height 5'8", weight 180, 40 time: 4.28

    They are similar in that they both have jiggy moves and a quick first step, but they part ways after that. Clinton Portis is real similar to Dee Brown - only good for third down, as he doesn't have blazing speed or size. Warrick Dunn is only limited by size, which he makes up for with blazing speed.

    I don't think Portis will be worth all that much in the NFL.
  4. Piper

    Piper Guest

    Oh, I agree that he's not as talented as Dunn. But he's the same prototype. A slashing cutback runner. Dunn, Charlie Garner, ect.

    He was effective in Miami, of course, behind that line, you'd suck if you weren't effective.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Portis is definately a Warrick Dunn type runner. He is a bit bigger than Dunn and I would say has a closer build to a Curtis Martin.
    He needs to add a bit of bulk to his frame.

    However, what Portis does have is outstanding vision and cutback ability. I'm talking Emmitt Smith type vision and cutback ability too. Portis is still learning and has never really gotten an extensive amount of carries. Portis can start in this league and be very good IMO. He is the solid #3 back available - but he will be there in the second for the Panthers IMO. I seriously believe the Panthers will go CB in round 2 (if anyone of value remains - ie. Sheppard, Rumph or even Ross). That leaves us a Lamar Gordon, Adrian Peterson or Johnathan Wells in later rounds.

    IMO - DeShaun Foster will go early to mid second and not last till the third. Oh well, I would take him in the 3rd with the Panthers selection (even with all his question marks). From what I have read, when he works out he looks like a first rounder skill wise. His fumbling and off the field woes are what hurts his ratings the most.
  6. magnus

    magnus Chump-proof

    Likes Received:
    Feb 5, 2002
    anywhere I lay my head I'm gonna call my home
    I don't know. Portis is going to make a fine running back but he's not going to be anyone's stud. A stud is generally giving the hit, not taking it. He's a tough runner, but I do think that he's small to be taking 25 hits a game not including blocking. Travis Stephens is smaller but he has that Emmitt Smith/Barry Sanders compact frame on him.

    Portis just doesn't fit what we want.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I believe Portis has the ability to put some weight on his frame. He is a very young kid. I still think he is developing (thinking positively of course) physically. Negatively - I must agree, he is too small at this point to carry a full load of 30+ carries a game for anyone.

    I personally believe he could help the Panthers - although Green or Duckett certainly would be better NFL measurable/skillset type picks.

    Duckett may just move ahead of Green when all things are said and done. If he is really running sub 4.4 - he starts make scouts drool like starving blood hounds. He is a flatout freak of nature. I really believe he will only get better as a runner too. Scary.
  8. Piper

    Piper Guest

    Yeah, I would rank them like this.

    1. Duckett (1st round)
    2. Green (1st round)
    3. Portis (2nd round)
    4. Foster (2nd round)
    5. Wells (3rd round)
    6. Gordon (3rd round)

    Then you have a bunch of guys like Morris, Stevens, and Peterson who look good in later rounds. But just not a lot of solid day one picks.
  9. Y2Buddy

    Y2Buddy Guest

    Re: Re: #34 Pick - RB Clinton Portis

    What's that supposed to mean?:confused:

    I think Portis is just an NFL weight room away from being the back we need.
  10. Piper

    Piper Guest

    Just giving you a little shit over Dunn.

    :p :D

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