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!blank !blank :blank:
!tears3 !tears3 :tears3:
0 0 :0:
001 Icon16 001 Icon16 :001_icon16:
08 08 :08:
1 1 :1:
10 10 :10:
10 2 6 10 2 6 :10_2_6:
10 6 4 10 6 4 :10_6_4:
11 11 :11:
11GoPanthers 11GoPanthers :11GoPanthers:
12 12 :12:
13 13 :13:
14 14 :14:
15 15 :15:
16 16 :16:
17 17 :17:
18 18 :18:
189 189 :189:
19 19 :19:
1eye 1eye :1eye:
1luvu 1luvu :1luvu:
1zhelp 1zhelp :1zhelp:
2 2 :2:
20 20 :20:
20 3 5 20 3 5 :20_3_5:
21 21 :21:
22 22 :22:
22 Yikes 22 Yikes :22_yikes:
23 23 :23:
24 24 :24:
25 25 :25:
26 26 :26:
27 27 :27:
28 28 :28:
29 29 :29:
2guns 2guns :2guns:
2thumbsup 2thumbsup :2thumbsup:
3 3 :3:
30 30 :30:
31 31 :31:
32 32 :32:
33 33 :33:
34 34 :34:
35 35 :35:
36 36 :36:
38 38 :38:
39 39 :39:
4 4 :4:
42 42 :42:
43 43 :43:
44 44 :44:
45 45 :45:
46 46 :46:
47 47 :47:
48 48 :48:
49 49 :49:
5 5 :5:
50 50 :50:
51 51 :51:
52 52 :52:
53 53 :53:
54 54 :54:
55 55 :55:
56 56 :56:
57 57 :57:
58 58 :58:
59 59 :59:
6 6 :6:
60 60 :60:
61 61 :61:
7 7 :7:
77321 Bs 77321 Bs :77321_bs:
8 8 :8:
9 9 :9:
94poopbanana Thumb1 94poopbanana Thumb1 :94poopbanana-thumb1
Acclaim Acclaim :acclaim:
Ack2 Ack2 :ack2:
Afro Afro :afro:
Agreed Agreed :agreed:
Alien Alien :alien:
Alien2 Alien2 :alien2:
Alucard Alucard :alucard:
Angel Angel :angel:
Angel Anim Angel Anim :Angel_anim:
Angel1 Angel1 :angel1:
Angel3 Angel3 :angel3:
Angelsad2 Angelsad2 :angelsad2:
Angle2 Angle2 :angle2:
Annoyed Annoyed :annoyed:
Antlers Antlers :antlers:
Apeani Apeani :apeani:
Arabia Arabia :arabia:
Arge Arge :arge:
Argue Argue :argue:
Army Army :army:
Artist Artist :artist:
Ass Ass :ass:
Asta1 Asta1 :Asta1:
Astrosmiley Astrosmiley :astrosmiley:
Astrosmiley2 Astrosmiley2 :astrosmiley2:
Auto Auto :auto:
Baby Baby :baby:
Backstabber Backstabber :backstabber:
Badass Badass :badass:
Balloon Balloon :balloon:
Ban Ban :ban:
Banana Banana :banana:
Bananalama Bananalama :bananalama:
Band Band :band:
Bandana Bandana :bandana:
Banghead Banghead :banghead:
Banned Banned :banned:
Barf Barf :barf:
Barf2 Barf2 :barf2:
Basket Basket :basket:
Bath Bath :bath:
Batman Batman :batman:
Bclown Bclown :bclown:
Bday Bday :bday:
Bdaysmile Bdaysmile :bdaysmile:
Bdent Bdent :bdent:
Beatdeadhorse5 Beatdeadhorse5 :beatdeadhorse5:
Beatnik2 Beatnik2 :beatnik2:
Beatup Beatup :beatup:
Beer Beer :beer:
Behead Behead :behead:
Beta1 Beta1 :beta1:
Bigcry Bigcry :bigcry:
Bigear Bigear :bigear:
Biggrin Biggrin :biggrin:
Biggrina Biggrina :biggrina:
Biggrinjester Biggrinjester :biggrinjester:
Biggthumpup Biggthumpup :biggthumpup:
Bigok Bigok :bigok:
Bigsquaregrin Bigsquaregrin :bigsquaregrin:
Bike Bike :bike:
Biker Biker :biker:
Birthday Birthday :birthday:
Birthday2 Birthday2 :birthday2:
Blah Blah :blah:
Blahblah1 Blahblah1 :blahblah1:
Blast Blast :blast:
Blauwoog Blauwoog :blauwoog:
Blont2 Blont2 :blont2:
Bluegrab Bluegrab :bluegrab:
Blurp Blurp :blurp:
Blush5 Blush5 :blush5:
Boat Boat :boat:
Bobby Bobby :bobby:
Bomb Bomb :bomb:
Bomb2 Bomb2 :bomb2:
Bong Hit Bong Hit :bong_hit:
Bongsmi Bongsmi :bongsmi:
Bonk Bonk :bonk:
Boobies Boobies :boobies:
Book Book :book:
Book2 Book2 :book2:
Bottomup Bottomup :bottomup:
Bounce Bounce :bounce:
Bounce0 Bounce0 :bounce0:
Bouncer Bouncer :bouncer:
Bow Bow :bow:
Bowdown2 Bowdown2 :bowdown2:
Boxing Boxing :boxing:
Boxing Smiley Boxing Smiley :boxing_smiley:
Brokenh Brokenh :brokenh:
BrokenHeart Anim BrokenHeart Anim :BrokenHeart_anim:
Bsflag Bsflag :bsflag:
Buck Buck :buck:
Bucktooth Bucktooth :bucktooth:
Builder Builder :builder:
Builder2 Builder2 :builder2:
Bulb Bulb :bulb:
Bulb2 Bulb2 :bulb2:
Bump Bump :bump:
Burgerflip Burgerflip :burgerflip:
Butt Butt :butt:
Byebw Byebw :byebw:
Calimero Calimero :calimero:
Cartman Cartman :cartman:
Cat Cat :cat:
Censored Censored :censored:
Chair Chair :chair:
Champagne Champagne :champagne:
Charming Charming :charming:
Checkeredflag Checkeredflag :checkeredflag:
Cheer Cheer :cheer:
Cheers2 Cheers2 :cheers2:
Cheesy Cheesy :cheesy:
Chef Chef :chef:
Chevy Anim Chevy Anim :Chevy_anim:
Chillpill Chillpill :chillpill:
Chinese Chinese :chinese:
Chris Chris :chris:
Civilwar Civilwar :civilwar:
Clap Clap :clap:
Clapclap Clapclap :clapclap:
Clover Clover :clover:
Clown Clown :clown:
Clown7 Clown7 :clown7:
Coffee Coffee :coffee:
Cold Cold :cold:
Comp1 Comp1 :comp1:
Computer Computer :computer:
Conehead Conehead :conehead:
Cool2 Cool2 :cool2:
Cool3 Cool3 :cool3:
Cool4 Cool4 :cool4:
CoolgleamA CoolgleamA :coolgleamA:
Coool Coool :coool:
Corn Corn :corn:
Couch Couch :couch:
Couto Couto :couto:
Cowboy Cowboy :cowboy:
Crap Crap :crap:
Crown Crown :crown:
Crowngrin Crowngrin :crowngrin:
Cry Cry :cry:
Cry2 Cry2 :cry2:
Crybaby Crybaby :crybaby:
Cucumber Cucumber :cucumber:
Cuda Cuda :cuda:
Curtain Curtain :curtain:
Cuss Cuss :cuss:
Cussing Cussing :cussing:
Cyclist Cyclist :cyclist:
Daisy Daisy :daisy:
Darwin Fish Darwin Fish :darwin-fish:
De Mote De Mote :de-mote:
Dead Dead :dead:
Dead Horse Fast2 Dead Horse Fast2 :dead-horse-fast2:
Deal Deal :deal:
Deal2 Deal2 :deal2:
Death Death :death:
Detective Detective :detective:
Detonate Detonate :detonate:
Devil Devil :devil:
Devil2 Devil2 :devil2:
Devilish Devilish :devilish:
Die Die :die:
Disappointed Disappointed :disappointed:
Disguise Disguise :disguise:
Dizzy2 Dizzy2 :dizzy2:
Doh Doh :doh:
Doher Doher :doher:
Donatello Donatello :donatello:
Dots Dots :dots:
Dozey Dozey :dozey:
Drink Drink :drink:
Drive Drive :drive:
Driving Driving :driving:
Drool Drool :drool:
Drool5 Drool5 :drool5:
Drummer Drummer :drummer:
Drums Drums :drums:
Drunk Drunk :drunk:
Dukey Dukey :dukey:
Dunce Dunce :dunce:
Dunce2 Dunce2 :dunce2:
Dupe Dupe :dupe:
Earmuffs Earmuffs :earmuffs:
Ears Ears :ears:
Egypt Egypt :egypt:
Elf Elf :elf:
Elliot Elliot :elliot:
Elvis Elvis :elvis:
EMOSTCutTheCheese EMOSTCutTheCheese :EMOSTCutTheCheese:
EMOSTVomitIntoTheToiletHL1 EMOSTVomitIntoTheToiletHL1 :EMOSTVomitIntoTheTo
Euro Euro :euro:
Euro2 Euro2 :euro2:
Evil Evil :evil:
Evil2 Evil2 :evil2:
Evil3 Evil3 :evil3:
Evilgrin Evilgrin :evilgrin:
Excl Excl :excl:
Fan Wave2 Fan Wave2 :fan_wave2:
Fart Fart :fart:
Feedback Feedback :feedback:
FIAcademyAwardHL FIAcademyAwardHL :FIAcademyAwardHL:
FIcamera07 FIcamera07 :FIcamera07:
Fight Fight :fight:
FightenSmilie FightenSmilie :FightenSmilie:
FIMunching06 FIMunching06 :FIMunching06:
Fire Fire :fire:
Fireman Fireman :fireman:
Fish Fish :fish:
Fishing Fishing :fishing:
Five Five :five:
FIVideographer FIVideographer :FIVideographer:
Flameme Flameme :flameme:
Flaming Flaming :flaming:
Flower Flower :flower:
Flowers Flowers :flowers:
Flush Flush :flush:
FO2DIFatWoman03HL FO2DIFatWoman03HL :FO2DIFatWoman03HL:
FO2DRMartiniHL FO2DRMartiniHL :FO2DRMartiniHL:
FO3DRfall FO3DRfall :FO3DRfall:
FODIeat2 FODIeat2 :FODIeat2:
FODIFeedMe3 FODIFeedMe3 :FODIFeedMe3:
FOFastpizza FOFastpizza :FOFastpizza:
FOFRBanana0518HL FOFRBanana0518HL :FOFRBanana0518HL:
Francais Francais :francais:
Freak Freak :freak:
Frown Frown :frown:
Frusty Frusty :frusty:
Fryingpan Fryingpan :fryingpan:
Fu1 Fu1 :fu1:
Fu3 Fu3 :fu3:
Fu5 Fu5 :fu5:
Fuck 8 Fuck 8 :fuck-8:
Furious Furious :furious:
Furious3 Furious3 :furious3:
Glasses Glasses :glasses:
Glasses2 Glasses2 :glasses2:
Glotzbart Glotzbart :glotzbart:
Gmorning Gmorning :gmorning:
Gnorsi Gnorsi :gnorsi:
Goingoninhere Goingoninhere :goingoninhere:
Goofy Goofy :goofy:
Gorgeous Gorgeous :gorgeous:
Gossip Gossip :gossip:
Greedy Greedy :greedy:
Grin Grin :grin:
Grlaugh Grlaugh :grlaugh:
Grouphug Grouphug :grouphug:
Guitar Guitar :guitar:
Guitarist Guitarist :guitarist:
Gun Bandana Gun Bandana :gun_bandana:
Guns Guns :guns:
Guns4 Guns4 :guns4:
Guns6 Guns6 :guns6:
Guns7 Guns7 :guns7:
Gunsmilie Gunsmilie :gunsmilie:
Hair Hair :hair:
Hair2 Hair2 :hair2:
Hallo Hallo :hallo:
Hamer Hamer :hamer:
Hammer Hammer :hammer:
Handbang Handbang :handbang:
Handjob Handjob :handjob:
Hang Hang :hang:
Hanged Hanged :hanged:
Happy Happy :happy:
Hat Hat :hat:
Hat2 Hat2 :hat2:
Headbang Headbang :headbang:
Heart Heart :heart:
Helmet Helmet :helmet:
Helpsmilie Helpsmilie :helpsmilie:
Hihi Hihi :hihi:
Hilljack Hilljack :hilljack:
Hippy Hippy :hippy:
Homophobia Homophobia :homophobia:
Huh2 Huh2 :huh2:
Hump Hump :hump:
Hungry Hungry :hungry:
Hurray Hurray :hurray:
Hyper Hyper :hyper:
Hypocrite Hypocrite :hypocrite:
Iagree Iagree :iagree:
Iamwithstupid Iamwithstupid :iamwithstupid:
Icon Bs Icon Bs :icon_bs:
Icon16 Icon16 :icon16:
Idea Idea :idea:
Idea3 Idea3 :idea3:
Idee Idee :idee:
Indian Brave Indian Brave :indian_brave:
Indian Chief Indian Chief :indian_chief:
Innocent Innocent :innocent:
INShopping022shopper5HL2 INShopping022shopper5HL2 :INShopping022shoppe
Invasion Invasion :invasion:
Jester Jester :jester:
Joker Joker :joker:
Judge Judge :judge:
Juggle Juggle :juggle:
Juggle2 Juggle2 :juggle2:
Jump Jump :jump:
Jumprope Jumprope :jumprope:
K K :k:
Karate Karate :karate:
Kenny Kenny :kenny:
Kid Kid :kid:
King King :king:
Kiss Kiss :kiss:
Kissass Kissass :kissass:
Knife Knife :knife:
Knob Knob :knob:
Knuddel Knuddel :knuddel:
Koffie Koffie :koffie:
Kwijl Kwijl :kwijl:
Lach Lach :lach:
Lalala Lalala :lalala:
Laugh1 Laugh1 :laugh1:
Laugh2 Laugh2 :laugh2:
Laugh3 Laugh3 :laugh3:
Laugh4 Laugh4 :laugh4:
Leaving Leaving :leaving:
Lickme Lickme :lickme:
Liefde Liefde :liefde:
Lijstje Lijstje :lijstje:
Lips Lips :lips:
Lips2 Lips2 :lips2:
Lipsrsealed Lipsrsealed :lipsrsealed:
Lipsrsealed2 Lipsrsealed2 :lipsrsealed2:
Lizard Lizard :lizard:
Lmao Lmao :lmao:
LO1Love04HL LO1Love04HL :LO1Love04HL:
Lol2 Lol2 :lol2:
Lolly Lolly :lolly:
Love Love :love:
Loveit Loveit :loveit:
Lovestory Lovestory :lovestory:
Loveys Loveys :loveys:
Lurk5 Lurk5 :lurk5:
Lurking Lurking :Lurking:
Luxlove Luxlove :luxlove:
Mail Mail :mail:
Massage Massage :massage:
Mdrbig Mdrbig :mdrbig:
Mdrmed Mdrmed :mdrmed:
ME8cough ME8cough :ME8cough:
Medal Medal :medal:
Mellow Mellow :mellow:
MEpmsHL MEpmsHL :MEpmsHL:
MEPsychologist02HL MEPsychologist02HL :MEPsychologist02HL:
MEtaketemperature MEtaketemperature :MEtaketemperature:
MEziek MEziek :MEziek:
Michel Michel :michel:
Mickey Mickey :mickey:
Mixed Smiley 036 Mixed Smiley 036 :mixed-smiley-036:
Mixed Smiley 045 Mixed Smiley 045 :mixed-smiley-045:
Moon Moon :moon:
Moped Moped :moped:
Mr T Mr T :mr-t:
Muetze Muetze :muetze:
Munching Out Munching Out :munching_out:
Mushy Mushy :mushy:
Music Smiley 004 Music Smiley 004 :music-smiley-004:
N1amenHL2 N1amenHL2 :N1amenHL2:
N1blablablabla02 N1blablablabla02 :N1blablablabla02:
N1butbutHL N1butbutHL :N1butbutHL:
N1GodIloveyou N1GodIloveyou :N1GodIloveyou:
N1Greatjob02 N1Greatjob02 :N1Greatjob02:
N1idhitit N1idhitit :N1idhitit:
N1Idontgetit N1Idontgetit :N1Idontgetit:
N1ignoreHL N1ignoreHL :N1ignoreHL:
N1Imgoingtostay N1Imgoingtostay :N1Imgoingtostay:
N1ImwaitingHL N1ImwaitingHL :N1ImwaitingHL:
N1IneeddrugsHL4 N1IneeddrugsHL4 :N1IneeddrugsHL4:
N1Lies N1Lies :N1Lies:
N1Lol16 N1Lol16 :N1Lol16:
N1mmmblood N1mmmblood :N1mmmblood:
N1Newbie N1Newbie :N1Newbie:
N1notbadforaman N1notbadforaman :N1notbadforaman:
N1oldschool N1oldschool :N1oldschool:
N1OopsHL N1OopsHL :N1OopsHL:
N1pickme N1pickme :N1pickme:
N1respectHL N1respectHL :N1respectHL:
N1saywha N1saywha :N1saywha:
N1sickofmeyet N1sickofmeyet :N1sickofmeyet:
N1yeeaah N1yeeaah :N1yeeaah:
N1YouGoGirl N1YouGoGirl :N1YouGoGirl:
N1yougotPM N1yougotPM :N1yougotPM:
N1youvebeenabadgirl N1youvebeenabadgirl :N1youvebeenabadgirl
N1youwantme N1youwantme :N1youwantme:
Nailbite2 Nailbite2 :nailbite2:
Nerd Nerd :nerd:
Newbie Newbie :newbie:
Ninja Ninja :ninja:
No No :no:
Nono Nono :nono:
Nopity Nopity :nopity:
NopityA NopityA :nopityA:
Nosmile Nosmile :nosmile:
Nosmile2 Nosmile2 :nosmile2:
Nuke Nuke :nuke:
Offtopic Offtopic :offtopic:
Omg Omg :omg:
Online2long Online2long :online2long:
Operator Operator :operator:
Orangehat Orangehat :orangehat:
Orbit Orbit :orbit:
Osama Osama :osama:
Pacman Pacman :pacman:
Panthers Panthers :panthers:
Party Party :party:
Party2 Party2 :party2:
Party3 Party3 :party3:
Patriot Patriot :patriot:
Peacemanmw Peacemanmw :peacemanmw:
Pepper Pepper :pepper:
Pet Pet :pet:
Ph34r Ph34r :ph34r:
Phone Phone :phone:
Pics Pics :pics:
Piggy Piggy :piggy:
Pimp Pimp :pimp:
Pimp2 Pimp2 :pimp2:
Pinch Pinch :pinch:
Pinklove2 Pinklove2 :pinklove2:
Pirate Pirate :pirate:
Playboy Playboy :playboy:
Pleased Pleased :pleased:
Pokestick Pokestick :pokestick:
Policeman Policeman :policeman:
Pot Pot :pot:
Potleaf Potleaf :potleaf:
PubDrink PubDrink :PubDrink:
Puh Puh :puh:
Puh2 Puh2 :puh2:
Puke Puke :puke:
Pukey Pukey :pukey:
Punk Punk :punk:
Puppy Dog Eyes Puppy Dog Eyes :puppy_dog_eyes:
Pussy Pussy :pussy:
Pyth Pyth :pyth:
Quiet Quiet :quiet:
Rant Rant :rant:
Rc5 Rc5 :rc5:
Reagan Hittin Head Ani Reagan Hittin Head Ani :Reagan-hittin-head-
Reb Reb :reb:
Red Indian Red Indian :red_indian:
REDanceBanana001 REDanceBanana001 :REDanceBanana001:
REDanceBanana008 REDanceBanana008 :REDanceBanana008:
REDanceBanana011 REDanceBanana011 :REDanceBanana011:
REDanceFdans002HL REDanceFdans002HL :REDanceFdans002HL:
Reddevil Reddevil :reddevil:
Redface Redface :redface:
REGamblMoney01HL2 REGamblMoney01HL2 :REGamblMoney01HL2:
REGameBilliardst4 REGameBilliardst4 :REGameBilliardst4:
Remybussi Remybussi :remybussi:
Retard Retard :retard:
Rifle Rifle :rifle:
Rock Band Rock Band :rock_band:
Rockinsmilie Rockinsmilie :rockinsmilie:
Rockon Rockon :rockon:
Rockon2 Rockon2 :rockon2:
Rockstar Rockstar :rockstar:
Rofl Rofl :rofl:
Roflmao Roflmao :roflmao:
Rolleyes2 Rolleyes2 :rolleyes2:
Rolleyes4 Rolleyes4 :rolleyes4:
Rolleyes5 Rolleyes5 :rolleyes5:
Rotflmao Rotflmao :rotflmao:
Rotwerd Rotwerd :rotwerd:
Russian Russian :russian:
Sad Sad :sad:
Sad3 Sad3 :sad3:
Sadbanana Sadbanana :sadbanana:
Saddam Saddam :saddam:
Sadley Sadley :sadley:
Sagrin Sagrin :sagrin:
Sailor Sailor :sailor:
Santa Santa :santa:
Santa2 Santa2 :santa2:
Santa3 Santa3 :santa3:
Sarcas~1 Sarcas~1 :sarcas~1:
Satana Satana :satana:
Saw Saw :saw:
Saywhat Saywhat :saywhat:
Scared Scared :scared:
Scatter Scatter :scatter:
Schlacht Schlacht :schlacht:
Scholar Scholar :scholar:
Scooter Scooter :scooter:
Seeya Seeya :seeya:
Sexe Sexe :sexe:
Shaggy Shaggy :shaggy:
Shame Shame :shame:
Shaun Shaun :shaun:
Shifty Shifty :shifty:
Shiny Shiny :shiny:
Shocked3 Shocked3 :shocked3:
Shout Shout :shout:
Shuriken Shuriken :shuriken:
Shutup Shutup :shutup:
Shy Shy :shy:
Sick Sick :sick:
Sick2 Sick2 :sick2:
Sifone Sifone :sifone:
Sign0073 Sign0073 :sign0073:
Sign0081 Sign0081 :sign0081:
Sign0096 Sign0096 :sign0096:
Sign0113 Sign0113 :sign0113:
Silly2 Silly2 :silly2:
Singer Singer :singer:
Single Fuck Single Fuck :single fuck:
Skull Skull :skull:
Sleep Sleep :sleep:
Sleep1 Sleep1 :sleep1:
Sleepey Sleepey :sleepey:
Sleephappy Sleephappy :sleephappy:
Sleeping Sleeping :sleeping:
Sleeping2 Sleeping2 :sleeping2:
Smack Smack :smack:
Smart Smart :smart:
Smartass Smartass :smartass:
Smartass2 Smartass2 :smartass2:
Smash Smash :smash:
Smile Smile :smile:
Smilejap Smilejap :smilejap:
Smiley Beatin Horse Ani Smiley Beatin Horse Ani :smiley_beatin_horse
Smiley Patriotic Flagwaver Ani Smiley Patriotic Flagwaver Ani :smiley-patriotic-fl
Smiley Resurrect Grave Smiley Resurrect Grave :smiley_resurrect_gr
Smiley Snopes Check Sign Smiley Snopes Check Sign :smiley_snopes_check
Smiley2 Smiley2 :smiley2:
Smilielol5 Smilielol5 :smilielol5:
Smoke Smoke :smoke:
Smoke2 Smoke2 :smoke2:
SmokinBanana SmokinBanana :SmokinBanana:
Smoking Smoking :smoking:
Smug Smug :smug:
Smug2 Smug2 :smug2:
Snobby Snobby :snobby:
Snore Snore :snore:
Soda Soda :soda:
Sombrero Sombrero :sombrero:
Sorcerer Sorcerer :sorcerer:
Spacecraft Spacecraft :spacecraft:
Spam Spam :spam:
Spam1 Spam1 :spam1:
Spam2 Spam2 :spam2:
Spanka Spanka :spanka:
SPcheer006cheerbril SPcheer006cheerbril :SPcheer006cheerbril
Speechless Speechless :speechless:
Spiny Spiny :spiny:
Splat Splat :splat:
Split Split :split:
Sponge Sponge :math:
Sport Smiley 12 Sport Smiley 12 :sport-smiley-12:
Square Square :square:
Sten1pinkgreen Sten1pinkgreen :sten1pinkgreen:
Stepinshit Stepinshit :stepinshit:
Stfu Stfu :stfu:
Stirthepot Stirthepot :stirthepot:
Stoned2 Stoned2 :stoned2:
Stooge Curly Stooge Curly :stooge_curly:
Stooge Larry Stooge Larry :stooge_larry:
Stooge Moe Stooge Moe :stooge_moe:
Stooges Stooges :stooges:
Stuart Stuart :stuart:
Stunned Stunned :stunned:
Stupid Stupid :stupid:
Suicide Suicide :suicide:
Sultan Sultan :sultan:
Sun Sun :sun:
Sunny Sunny :sunny:
Supergrin Supergrin :supergrin:
Surprised Surprised :surprised:
Surrender Surrender :surrender:
Svengo Svengo :svengo:
Sweatdrop Sweatdrop :sweatdrop:
Swords Swords :swords:
Talker Talker :talker:
Tank Tank :tank:
Taz Taz :taz:
Tdo3 Tdo3 :tdo3:
Teeth Teeth :teeth:
Th 10 8 12 Th 10 8 12 :th_10_8_12:
Th 90edab00 Th 90edab00 :th_90edab00:
Th English Smiley Th English Smiley :th_english-smiley:
TheDJsmile TheDJsmile :theDJsmile:
Thinking Thinking :thinking:
Thinking2 Thinking2 :thinking2:
Thud Thud :thud:
Thumbsdown Thumbsdown :thumbsdown:
Tiny Tiny :tiny:
Toetap05 Toetap05 :toetap05:
Toff Toff :toff:
Toilet Toilet :toilet:
Toilet Paper Toilet Paper :toilet-paper:
Tongue Tongue :tongue:
Tongue3 Tongue3 :tongue3:
Tool Tool :tool:
Tooth Tooth :tooth:
Torture Torture :torture:
Trampoline Trampoline :trampoline:
Troll Troll :troll:
Trophy Trophy :trophy:
Tt1 Tt1 :tt1:
Tt2 Tt2 :tt2:
Turned Turned :turned:
Two Cents Two Cents :two-cents:
Twocents Twocents :twocents:
Ufo Ufo :ufo:
Uhoh2 Uhoh2 :uhoh2:
Umno Umno :umno:
Urfired Urfired :urfired:
Urinate Urinate :urinate:
Usa Usa :usa:
Vampire Vampire :vampire:
Vanish Vanish :vanish:
Very First Smiley Very First Smiley :very_first_smiley:
Veryangry Veryangry :veryangry:
Veryangry2 Veryangry2 :veryangry2:
Victoryg Victoryg :victoryg:
Vork Vork :vork:
Wacko Wacko :wacko:
Wacky Wacky :wacky:
Walkman Walkman :walkman:
Wasntme Wasntme :wasntme:
Wasted Wasted :wasted:
Wave Wave :wave:
Wavey Wavey :wavey:
Waving Waving :waving:
WE3Rainy03 WE3Rainy03 :WE3Rainy03:
Weeping Weeping :weeping:
WEFreezingColdHL1 WEFreezingColdHL1 :WEFreezingColdHL1:
Weihnacht2 Weihnacht2 :weihnacht2:
Weird Ti Weird Ti :weird_ti:
Welcome Welcome :welcome:
Wheelchair Wheelchair :wheelchair:
Whip Whip :whip:
Whistling Whistling :whistling:
Whoopass Whoopass :whoopass:
Whoosh Whoosh :whoosh:
Whoosh1 Whoosh1 :whoosh1:
Whoosh2 Whoosh2 :whoosh2:
Whoosh3 Whoosh3 :whoosh3:
Willy Nilly Willy Nilly :willy_nilly:
Wine Wine :wine:
Wings Wings :wings:
Wink2 Wink2 :wink2:
Winkiss Winkiss :winkiss:
Woman Woman :woman:
Woman2 Woman2 :woman2:
Woohoo Woohoo :woohoo:
Woot Woot :woot:
Woot Emoticon Woot Emoticon :Woot_Emoticon:
Worried Worried :worried:
Worry Rose Worry Rose :worry-rose:
Worshippy Worshippy :worshippy:
Wtf Wtf :wtf:
Wtf23 Wtf23 :wtf23:
Wub Wub :wub:
Wwf Wwf :wwf:
Xmas Xmas :xmas:
Xmassmile Xmassmile :xmassmile:
Xmastree Xmastree :xmastree:
Xyxthumbs Xyxthumbs :xyxthumbs:
Xyxwave Xyxwave :xyxwave:
Yamyam Yamyam :yamyam:
Yawn Yawn :yawn:
Yawnee Yawnee :yawnee:
Yelkiss Yelkiss :yelkiss:
Yes Yes :yes:
Yikes Yikes :yikes:
Yinyang Yinyang :yinyang:
Ylsuper Ylsuper :ylsuper:
Ymca Ymca :ymca:
Yoyo Yoyo :yoyo:
Yummie Yummie :yummie:
Zaehne Zaehne :zaehne:
Zx11shocked Zx11shocked :zx11shocked:
Smile Smile :) :-) (:
Wink Wink ;)
Frown Frown :(
Mad Mad :mad: >:( :@
Confused Confused :confused:
Cool Cool :cool: 8-)
Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue :p :P :-p :-P
Big Grin Big Grin :D
Eek! Eek! :eek: :o
Oops! Oops! :oops:
Roll Eyes Roll Eyes :rolleyes:
Er... what? Er... what? o_O O_o o.O O.o