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  1. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    The nike unis really play up the dumb aspects sometimes.
  2. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    Glad the Rams put a patch on their uniforms that says Los Angeles Rams. Very instructive.
  3. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    There's something to this team. I like the direction. I want them to stomp all over the saints playoff seeding in week 17.
  4. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    PJ played some hero ball in the red zone. Otherwise it's what you'd want to see from a backup. High percentage, hit a few downfield. We probably win 34-0 with a healthy Bridgewater.
  5. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    He looks PTSD'd out. Like the guy from the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan looking for his arm. He just looks out of it.

    I didn't know he had been relegated to Panthers.com writer.

    I loved the game.
  6. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    Weird. Think like substance problems or health problems?

    That victory was aggravating at parts but man we just kinda choked them out.
  7. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    I saw Gantt today. He looks even stranger in person than he looks in that gif. Eyes all bugged out.
  8. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    It's happening on a blocked kick, it's very Billsy
  9. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    Buffalo watching the Patriots window close only to get cucked out of nowhere by Miami would be the most Buffalo thing ever.
  10. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    Steals the movie from Costner.