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  1. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    I don't think she will kill bronn so no one I care about.

    I think Tyrion is safe, I could see Jon making the heroic sacrifice he should've made to kill the night king.
  2. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    So who does the bitch kill tonight?
  3. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    Caught up. Breaking levels of dread during parts and thats not easy to do.
  4. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    Chernobyl is excellent.
  5. Black&Black
  6. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    YTMND officially shut down today
  7. Black&Black
  8. presidence99
  9. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    IMO, it was all worth it just to see the funniest death of all time.
  10. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    And this goes on and on and back and forth for 90 or so minutes until the episode just sort of ends