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  1. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    I did like the conversation between Jamie and Tyrion where they basically admitted to the audience that it was stupid for the writers to kill off Tywin.
  2. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    Gendry jorah brienne seem like mortal locks since they just got their happy moment. Sam too as he has no more exposition to give. The hound is safe cause he has to fight his zombie brother.

    It was a whole hour of "my girl back home" in a nam movie.
  3. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    Yeah, it was basically every character who's going to die next week announcing they're going to die next week.
  4. presidence99
  5. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    The show is putting in a lot of time wasting scenes for being so close for the finale.
  6. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    Haven't seen it yet but last episode... the show is really up it's own ass sometimes with the EPIC.
  7. Black&Black
  8. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    Winter is here.
  9. Black&Black
  10. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    I'd love it if we could nab gerald McCoy as a backup and cuck Tampa further but hes pretty much a lock to go to new England on a cheap deal right?