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  1. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    Unbreakable is a fine movie, but that was 20 years ago. Bruce Willis is 64 years old. He looks like Richard Dreyfuss now. It doesn't work anymore.
  2. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    I was only trying to post the indeed gif.

    I guess it's good shyamalan was able to parlay the superhero mania into more underwhelming films.
  3. presidence99
  4. Black&Black
  5. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    The days are long but the years are short.
  6. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
  7. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    When can we start the Tank For Trevor clock?
  8. Kewyn Company
  9. Black&Black
  10. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    Whether it's belichik or reid I want some old bastard coach with some divorces under his belt to expose the McVay/Goff Hype for the long con it is.