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  1. Bull Moose
  2. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    The talk about Gruden drowned out how overhyped the Rams looked Monday night. Jared Cook almost had 200 yards. The middle of that defense is a turnstile.
  3. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    Joe Flacco about to get cucked alex smith style
  4. Black&Black
  5. presidence99
  6. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    Why dont teams hire washed up coaches with rep for being good at one position group as scout consultants? the colts could use jeff fishers years of knowledge getting good DLs and he could pretend it will get him chances at the top job again.
  7. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    I'm looking forward to the camera shots of Joe Flacco staring angerly from the sidelines while Jackson runs wildcat plays.
  8. Black&Black
  9. presidence99
    presidence99 Black&Black
    I'm glad Atlanta learned from the superbowl to never stop throwing with a lead in the fourth
  10. Black&Black
    Black&Black presidence99
    It will be quite something to see Jim Harbaugh reduced to Steve Mariucci status pretty soon.